Nour Fathallah, a young talented designer from Lebanon who has grown love for fashion and design since childhood, is the founder and designer of NF BY NOUR. After seeing the reaction and love from others to her work, she decided to transform this hobby to a career path. Her designs are all about simplicity and elegance. In a matter of a year, she was able to design dresses to many celebrities and public figures all around the world, especially in Lebanon and the Arab world.


NY BY NOUR is a contemporary arising in the fashion industry as of 2015. Looking at women in a sharp romantic vision, NF BY NOUR joins simplicity with vivid colors and cuts in a very unique form.


NF BY NOUR is located in Istanbul, Turkey combining the art of the Middle Eastern Culture with the Western culture. Our presence in Istanbul added to the designs a unique touch and inspiration. The brand has expanded to reach 127 selling locations worldwide.


Serving woman with affordable evening gowns in a luxurious and high-end feel is what we serve. We believe that simplicity comes in many sophisticated forms. Floral patterns, vivid colors, edgy looks and lavish lights is all what our concept reveals.